Bacich Cybersafety Resources

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  • GetNetWise : You're One Click Away.
    Resource for parents to educate themselves and their children about using the Internet safely
  • Cybersmart
    ThisWeb site is the official on-line resource for the CyberSmart! SchoolProgram, designed to help students learn how to use the Internetsafely, responsibly, and effectively. The site's creators hope toinstill students with positive sense of stewardship when using theInternet. The kindergarten through 8th grade curriculum containsoriginal standard-based lesson plans and activity sheets. Parents arealso invited to work with their children to improve computer security.
  • Ask Professor Pixel: "What can I do to be “Net-Safe?”
    These pages are presented in a "slide-show" fashion and contain questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies. Parents may wish to help guide younger kids through the pages and discuss how these ideas apply to them around the home and at school. To proceed through the slide show, press the MENU button to see a list of specific kid-safety topics or press next from the beginning to see everything!
  • Activity Center---Disney Online
    Created by Disney, this Web site is created to help every member of the family learn about using the Internet safely. Join Mickey and the gang as they head for Surfswell Island to find treasure! Visitors download challenges to earn jewels and reveal words in secret code. Each challenge asks the visitor a question related to Internet safety and the question must be answered correctly to win the jewel.