May 3, 2021

Mary Ann Spitzer

Dear Bacich Families,

We are basking in the glow of gratitude at Bacich this week.

Thank you so much for showering our teachers and staff with heartfelt signs of appreciation. It was so fun to come on campus this morning and see all of the fabulous door decorations. Students arrived with homemade cards for their teachers in hand. There are still more plans for recognizing teachers throughout this week, and you can feel the joy bursting out of each classroom.

Another thing we are so grateful for is all of the students who participated in the Variety Show. They were so brave, interesting, talented, and funny! Katie Levine and Amy Wheeler did all of the heavy lifting to put the show together and it came out wonderfully. Last Friday, I introduced the show "live" through Zoom in all of the classes, and then they showed the video. Students were talking about it all day.

We are also grateful for the addition of room 34 on the Bacich campus this year. In today’s Bacich Bear Broadcast, the school was formally introduced to the class by the students, staff, siblings, and parents. This video helps us kick off a month about learning about our differences as well as reflecting on our similarities. This Friday, I will be playing the songs of Stevie Wonder, one of my favorite musicians, who is blind.

Finally, the winners of the fourth grade cover art contest for the yearbook have been announced! The winner of the front cover is Vivian Tetzlaff and the four winners for the back cover are Freya Morris, Corrina Bouligny, Kaisa Johnson, and Brittany Vela. Congratulations! And a big thank you to Meghan Levin for completing the yearbook under the wire so kids can receive it in June!

Have a great week!
Mary Ann Spitzer
Bacich Principal