November 23, 2020

Mary Ann Spitzer

Please read this entire message for important information regarding student attendance intentions for the second trimester of the 2020-21 school year (November 20, 2020-March 12, 2021).

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, the district will continue offering two distinct learning options Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning only. The below description outlines what can be expected in each learning format.

Hybrid Learning:

  • Students spend some of their time learning in-person at school, and some of their time learning from a distance.
  • Students are assigned to one of two cohorts - Cohort A or Cohort B. Every effort will be made to keep siblings in KSD in the same cohort group.
  • Students follow the same schedule they have been following since the start of the school year, regardless of in-person or from a distance.*
  • Students who sign up for Hybrid Learning are expected to attend in person school each day their cohort is assigned, with exceptions only for excused absences.
  • Cohort A will attend in-person for one week while Cohort B learns from a distance, the next week Cohort B will attend in-person for one week while Cohort A learns from a distance. The alternating week schedule will persist through the full second trimester.
    • Currently, there is a maximum cohort size of eight (8). If the number of students seeking hybrid instruction exceeds this maximum, cohorts will need to be divided into sub-cohorts A1/A2 and B1/B2, with 2 or 3 days on campus for each sub cohort for their in-person week. When the cohort size is increased to twelve (12), cohorts will not be required to divide into sub-cohorts. The reason for this parameter was shared in last week’s KSD-KTA common message.

Distance Learning:

  • Students follow the same schedule they have been following since the start of the school year.*
  • Students will remain in Distance Learning only for the full duration of the trimester, with the option of transitioning to Hybrid Learning only as space allows.

*The Hybrid and/or Distance Learning schedule may be adjusted to accommodate changes to KSD’s instructional approach, families will be notified of these changes prior to any implementation of a new schedule.

In order to plan accordingly, please complete a Second Trimester Learning Survey by Monday, November 30th at 3 p.m. Your choice is a commitment for the full second trimester, unless KSD alters its instructional model and schedule, at which point you would again be surveyed regarding which learning option is best for your child/family.

Please do not hesitate to contact your school principal with any questions you may have about the learning options for the second trimester.

Mary Ann Spitzer, Bacich Elementary School            Grant Althouse, Kent Middle School

KSD Second Trimester Intent Form: