April 10, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are now one month into the new normal with regards to educating our students. Behind us are two weeks of a paper learning packet, one week of distance learning, and a Spring Break.

A month ago, most of our teachers did not know what Zoom was nor did we know how to prepare and design a remote learning experience for our TK-Grade 4 students. This quick move to remote teaching left us scrambling to figure out how to use digital tools, identify appropriate online resources, and find engaging apps to continue teaching – at a distance. It also left us with the responsibility of making sure the teachers knew how to use the technology options.

As many of us take to these virtual conferencing tools for the first time, we are zooming into a “digital Wild West,” which can be fraught with as many risks and rewards. We have felt a terrific responsibility to ensure the safety of our young students while accessing these new platforms, and the importance of being thoughtful and strategic in planning our students’ learning and education.

With recent news from the regional county health Officers, which extends school closures through the end of the year, we have mapped out a Virtual Learning Implementation Plan, which we will put into place for the last months of the school year. You will hear more about this next week.

This is a parent-school partnership that we’ve never experienced before.

To support one another, we ask the following from our parents, and we share what you can expect from our teaching staff:

The following is what we expect from our school families:

  1. Establish routines and expectations for completing their work.
  2. Provide a consistent space for your child to work.
  3. Many assignments can be completed independently, however we recognize that our younger students will need more help and direction. Be available if possible.
  4. Check your email regularly to view important messages from the school.
  5. Check the Grade Level website each week for your child’s Weekly Lessons.
  6. If your child needs additional support and/or if you or your child has questions about their assignments reach out to the teacher.

The following is what you can expect from the Bacich School Team:

  1. Weekly posting (on the Bacich Learning Plan website) of your child’s weekly assignments. Grade TK-3 will post their assignments on Thursday evening for the following week. Grade 4 will post their assignments on Sunday night for the following week.

This information has been coming to you through Aeries Communication.

Beginning April 20th, it will only be posted on the Bacich Learning Plan website. All assignments will be archived in this location, too.

  1. Teachers will work closely together to determine assignments and tasks for the week. (This includes our specialist teachers.)
  2. Assignments and activities will have a balance of off and on screen components.
  3. Each teacher will provide at least five live lessons per week, which will include Morning Meetings with students. (Beginning the week of April 20th.)
  4. All teachers will be checking email regularly and will get back to you within 24 hours during the school week.
  5. Our weekly Bacich Bear Broadcast will continue to be posted on Fridays for our students.

Sending you healthy wishes from afar, and please know that I am an email click away for any question you may have.

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal