April 18, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have an incredible group of parent volunteers in our school community. Bacich would not be the outstanding school that it is without your generous volunteer time, support, and energy.

One group of volunteers whom you may not be aware of is our School Site Council committee members. The School Site Council includes teachers and parents who meet monthly throughout the school year.

The purpose of the School Site Council is to provide a structure for shared decision-making within the school community. The Site Council hears regularly about the inside workings of our school, they ask questions and makes suggestions related to targeted areas of the school. In addition to academic interests, the School Site Council is often actively involved in parent engagement and safety issues, and they frequently relay information to and from the parent community. This small team asks thoughtful and challenging questions based on how we can best serve the whole school community.

This year’s parent members include: Kari Canon, Lauren Vaughn, Amy Bornstein, Christina Chan, Lissette Fernandez-Hilson, Scott Hershman, and Holly Meyers. These volunteers are elected by our school community to serve a two-year term, and they represent the interests of our school community.

It is time again to open the application process for three available positions on the School Site Council for 2019-2020. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the school community. If you have questions about the School Site Council please contact me or the 2018-2019 School Site Council chair persons Kari Canon and/or Lauren Vaughn.

The 2019-2020 application will be available in the school office or online beginning Monday, May 6th. Applications are due in the school office by Thursday, May 16th. All applicants are invited to share a short summary of their interest and qualifications to serve on this committee, which we will post in the Parent Bulletin on Thursday, May 17th. The school community will vote on the new Site Council member during the week of May 20–24th with results available on Wednesday, May 29th. New Site Council members will be invited to the June 3rd Site Council meeting.

We belong to a school community where parents are interested, involved and truly care. There is no doubt that our children benefit because so many parents give so much.

Thank you,

Sally Peck

Bacich Principal