April 4, 2019

Dear Parents,

During the next month, Bacich grade level teams will begin the process of reflecting on students and building class lists for the 2019-2020 school year. This is a time consuming, but very important task.

The past several months have provided us with opportunities to know your child in many different ways. As we build classes, we take into account numerous factors beyond simply an individual child’s academic progress. Other important factors include boy/girl ratios, social and emotional growth and needs, and learning styles of the students. Our teachers are the experts, and they have the perspective of the whole child, their class, and grade level, which is essential in creating a strong and balanced group.

Teachers do not place students according to the next year’s teacher, but rather through the lens of developing healthy and sound class profiles. Teacher names are added to class lists late in the summer after continued conversation by a team, which includes the school counselor, the resource staff, specialist team, the assistant principal, and the principal.

We acknowledge that occasionally there will be special or unusual circumstances that we should be aware of that might help us place your child successfully at the next grade level. With that in mind, I invite you to share with me, in a brief note or email, any information that would be valuable for us to consider in this important work. Please do not identify a specific teacher, but simply provide knowledge that we may not be aware of that may help us in better understand your child.

Please forward this information to me before Friday, April 26, 2019, so that this information can be considered as our class lists are being developed. Unfortunately, due to the size of our school, I am not able to meet with all parents who wish to personally discuss next year’s class placement.

I ask that you trust in the wisdom and knowledge of the Bacich teaching staff to make the wise and professional judgment necessary to create strong and cohesive classes for 2019-2020. Our goal is for each child at Bacich to have a successful and positive year.

Thank you,

Sally Peck

Bacich Principal