December 5, 2019

Dear Parents,

With Winter Break just around the corner, it is a perfect time for you to begin thinking of ways to fill those quiet or empty moments for your sons and daughters during the two-week holiday. Vacations offer the perfect time to catch up on some academic skills, enjoy an academic challenge, be creative, be outdoors, or spend simple time with friends or family. With a bit of advanced planning you can keep the kids busy and happy. 

Board games, flash cards, playing cards, puzzles, books, magazines, and comic books are easy ways for children to stay engaged. Pull out the cookbooks and see if your helper can assist you with creating a meal or simply making a batch of cookies. While you are in the kitchen, bring out the flour, salt, and water and make some salt dough ornaments. A shoe box full of art supplies can inspire holiday card making or a bowl of popped corn can inspire a popcorn garland for the holiday tree.

Other ideas include the multiple online learning opportunities, which we have set up for our students. Online magazines such as Time for Kids or the Smithsonian are wonderful places to learn and explore the world around us. offers a creative outlet to learn or practice coding. Typing Club is encouraged for our third and fourth grade students to practice their keyboarding skills. These are only a small sample of the on-line resources available on Symbaloo, which is accessible through the Bacich Online Learning Access link.

All of our young students can benefit from a little time away from school. I hope you will encourage time to play outdoors, be creative, explore these worthwhile online resources, or just find time to cozy-up with a good book!

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal