January 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

This is an exciting time of the school year for many of our school families and new families, as 2020 -2021 Kindergarten registration begins on Monday, February 3, 2020.

There’s no perfect formula that determines when a child is truly ready for kindergarten, however there are some universal skills that parents should be aware of that signal a child’s readiness to start school. Many of these markers come with simple experiences at home and out in their community. These include:

  • Beginning to share with others
  • Speaking understandably
  • Independently managing bathroom needs and dressing oneself.
  • Following rules and the ability to control oneself
  • Separating from parents without becoming upset
  • Paying attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks
  • Cutting with scissors and tracing basic shapes
  • Talking in complete sentences with five to six words
  • Listening to a story without interrupting
  • Identifying some alphabet letters
  • Recognizing rhyming words
  • Sorting similar objects by shape, size and color

Young children change every day both in terms of their interests and in their abilities. We recognize and appreciate that our incoming kindergartners will exhibit a wide range of skills and behaviors. However, regular exposure with these basic skills will help your son or daughter be better prepared for their first elementary school experience.

If your child will join us for kindergarten in the fall, please check the Bacich Registration Information webpage for more information.


Sally Peck
Bacich Principal