March 14, 2019

Dear Parents,

Bacich teachers are in the process of completing their second trimester report cards. They will be available for our school families to access in Aeries next Friday, March 22, 2019 at 5 p.m.

To access student report cards, log in to the Aeries Parent Portal. Click on "Grades" and then "Standards Based Report Card." This page will display standards and grades. Click the "Print" button under your student’s picture. The report card will display in a printable format, which will be easier to read. Please recognize that formatting in Aeries is limited with regards to the "Report Card Comments."

Report cards provide a snapshot of your son or daughter’s school progress. Teachers consistently assess the learning goals and the depth of understanding of their students. Classroom assessment happens in a variety of ways including a teacher’s skillful observation of a student’s responses, a weekly quiz, an end of a unit test, an interactive white board lesson, or an exit ticket as a child leaves the classroom.

In addition to providing important information about their students’ progress, assessments are key to determining the next steps in differentiating instruction for each child.

Each trimester, Bacich teachers also administer school-based assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics. These tests have been given over the past few weeks. Teachers have spent time with their grade level teams analyzing this information and documenting the students’ progress in our data system. This information also informs the report card writing.

Bacich report cards are based on the Common Core Standards. These standards guide specific classroom learning at each grade level. It is our goal that each child meet the Common Core Standards by the end of each school year, however, we know that not all children follow the same path or the same time frame in their achievement or their progress at school.

We hope that our families will first celebrate and acknowledge the success and accomplishments of their children when reading report cards. Setting one or two goals for the remainder of the school year is also a worthwhile conversation to have with your son or daughter.

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal