March 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

A week ago, we had hopes that the current world-wide health situation would be short-lived, and we would all be back to life as normal within a few weeks. However, that appears not to be the case.

Our TK- third grade students were sent home with Home Learning Packets for a two-week hiatus from classroom instruction. Fourth Grade teachers leaned into their knowledge of technology, and their students’ comfort with learning devices, and moved immediately into online learning via Google Classroom with their students. Grade 5-8 have done the same.

Our current focus at Bacich is to ensure that all students have the technology that they need for continued learning through a remote means. If your family is in need of a device, please email/message your teacher directly. We want each student to have his/her own device. For example, if you have a kindergartener and second grader at home, they should each have their own device in order to complete their online learning. Also, if you are in need of internet capabilities, please notify your teacher. We recognize that the majority of our elementary students do not have Google Classroom accounts, as do Grade 4-8 students. Thus, identifying and providing an instructional platform that all Bacich students can access is our goal in the next few days.

If any of your students do not have reliable access to a computer or tablet at home, please complete this survey for each student who does not have access.

If you do not have reliable wifi, please complete this survey.

If each of your students already has reliable access to a device and you have wifi in your home, you do not need to complete this survey.

Our plan is to have classroom assignments ready for our TK-third grade students to access online by Monday, March 30th. Each classroom teacher will communicate the assignments and content for home learning via their classroom newsletter sent through Aeries Communication. Grade level teachers will be working as a team to post assignments, and they will be connecting with their individual classes via See Saw or other video tool to share a weekly message from their teacher. Teachers will continue to be available by email and will respond each work day to emails that arrive in their emails by noon. Emails delivered after the noon hour will be answered the following work day.

We are committed to increasing our creativity and our interactivity, as we move into the weeks ahead. We will also monitor our expectations for how much our children and their families can manage. We know that many of our students will require parent guidance to get started and/or to complete some assignments.

We also recognize that having kids suddenly home for an indefinite amount of time can be challenging, and we know that you will be managing the new distance learning in the way that works best for you and your family. Many of our teachers are working parents too, so we understand.

We miss our students. We miss our school families. I assure you that we are working hard to roll out this new way of learning, as soon as possible. We want our students to continue learning in these uncharted times.

Sending you warm wishes from afar and please know that I am an email click away for any questions you may have.


Sally Peck
Bacich Principal