May 30, 2019

Dear Parents,

One of the unique and special things about working in education is that each school year has a clearly defined end and each September brings a new beginning.

We are already looking forward to fall, when we will have moved in to the new school building and will be welcoming our students back on our campus. This beautiful new space will serve as the gateway to our school and offer important new security to our campus.

We will enter the new school year with all but one of our current teachers in place; we will soon say farewell to fourth grade teacher, Abbey Davis, who will be departing the Bay Area and moving to the Seattle area with her new husband.

We also have some exciting internal movement in our staffing. Ms. Livengood, will return to the third grade teaching team. Third grade teachers, Farah Maisonneuve and Victoria Denson, will move to join the fourth grade team. Kindergarten teacher and TK teachers, Erica Johnson and Amber Stewart, will join the third grade team and first grade team respectively. First grade teacher, Katie Stern, will move to kindergarten and Jen Wallen will move from kindergarten to TK. Lastly, second grade teacher, Thalia Milano will join our kindergarten team.

Staffing changes are made carefully for the good of the entire educational program and consideration for enhancing the professional growth and productivity of our teaching teams. We are fortunate to have such outstanding educators who are interested and willing to challenge themselves at new grade levels and join a new set of teaching colleagues.

I am already looking forward to the changes and excitement of the 2019-2020 school year. Working with a passionate and committed staff, and parents who value a top-notch education for our children, is a recipe for success and positive results.


Sally Peck
Bacich Principal