November 7, 2019

Dear Parents,

We look forward to our Parent-Teacher Conferences next week. We value regular communication with our school families throughout the school year, and these formal fall conferences provide a chance for teachers and parents to touch base at an important time in the school year.

Teachers have had several weeks to get to know their students. Formative and summative assessments have been ongoing since the beginning of September. We have recently completed our trimester benchmark assessments, so we have a strong understanding of how our students have progressed and what their individual needs are at this time in the school year.

Bacich teachers believe that students should be encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, particularly as they move through the grade levels. In Grades 2-4 our students participate in the Parent Teacher Conferences. The opportunity for students to be part of these important conversations creates a perfect place for them to reflect on their progress, engage in the discussion, and demonstrate agency in their learning. Students set goals each year and after fifty school days behind us, the children can begin to reflect on their learning and adjust their goals. Parents may be asked to set a goal for their son or daughter, as well.

If teachers feel that there is something to discuss outside of the student’s presence, the child is asked to step outside or another meeting time is planned. Every child gets the opportunity to explain how they are doing, what their goals have been and what their goals are moving forward. Our older children are even beginning to understand what kinds of learners they are and what they might need to be successful in the classroom.

We know that developing positive and respectful relationships with our students allows for greater student engagement, and it is paramount to fostering academic success. Involving the children in the Parent Teacher Conference process sends a powerful message that we value their participation in advocating for their own learning.

Thank you.

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal

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