October 17, 2019

Dear Parents,

Next Thursday, October 24th from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Kent Library, KSPTA is hosting a workshop titled, Fake Reading: How to Spot It and Shift It. Led by Kent teachers Rebecca Jelen and Julie Gallagher, this session will focus on how to engage your child in reading.

Both Bacich and Kent use the Reading and Writing Workshop approach to teach reading in our schools. Developed by literacy specialist and author, Lucy Calkins, Reading Workshop promotes strong readers through an emphasis on a high volume of high-success, high-interest reading. Starting in kindergarten, early literacy skills focus on learning to read with a gradual shift towards reading to learn in the upper elementary years. Reading is an inherently individual process and a skill that develops over time.

Reading Workshop, invites children to discover the wonder of reading by establishing routines and procedures, which support good reading habits. This program invites children to feel and act like readers even before they can actually read print on a page. The goal is for students to develop a confident sense of reading identity. They need to see, experience, and understand how books are filled with information. The goal is to develop a love and interest in reading while children are also learning how to read.

We value our school families as partners in your child’s reading development. We invite and encourage you to support and extend this work at home. The following are suggestions you can use to encourage and empower your child to be a lifelong reader:

  • Involve children in choosing “just right” books
  • Reread favorite stories while introducing new titles
  • Ask open-ended questions about the story (How does the character feel in this story/picture? Does this situation make you think of something in your life? Tell me about it.)
  • Model and demonstrate the thinking process involved in understanding a story
  • Acknowledge vocabulary words and talk about their meanings
  • Continue reading together even if your children can read independently
  • Know your child’s favorite author, book series, genre, etc.

I hope you will join us for this worthwhile conversation next week!

Thank you.

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal