October 24, 2019

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday of this week, our students, staff, and parent/family volunteers participated in our annual Emergency Evacuation Drill. Many of the logistics of this drill were designed and implemented after last year’s February evacuation drill, where we discovered flaws in our student release system. In attendance this week were 655 students, 60+ staff members, 116 parent volunteers, a Marin County sheriff, and the Kentfield Fire Department.

Organized by parent Annalyn Peluso and parent/teacher Farah Maisonneuve, the new system is called Tag and Ticket and remedies many of the concerns brought forward last year. Our Assistant Principal Methinee Bozeman worked closely with this team to identify and put in place new release systems to ensure the safety of our students and smoother release procedure for parents picking up their children. Our staff spent several hours this fall practicing and discussing this new emergency plan.

As we do each year following our October Emergency Evacuation Release Drill, we gather feedback from all constituents on our performance and make necessary adjustments for improvement. We will spend the next few weeks analyzing this information and then apply changes to our procedures and plan.

We recognize that in the event of a true emergency, our well-designed plan may need to be adjusted based on the situation. However, we do feel confident that we have many systems in place to keep our students safe in the event of an emergency.

The following are two important ways our school families can best prepare for an emergency at school:

  • Anyone who picks up a Bacich student must have identification. If you do not carry your drivers license, take a photograph of it on your cell phone to use for student pick-up.
  • All families must keep their emergency information in Aeries up to date. We will not release a student to another adult unless they are listed on the emergency form. (Emergency contact information will be updated for the release system in September and in January.)

Safety is a priority at Bacich. Working together, we can plan for the future and the safe release of our students in the event of an emergency

Thank you.

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal