4th Grade Gold Country Trip 2019

There is a parent informational meeting scheduled for March 25 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the school library.

Q & A

What does drop-off look like the morning of departure?

Students should arrive at Bacich at the regular time on Monday, April 22. They should place their camping gear in front of the Community Center and go to their classrooms. Students will load their gear on the buses when their classes are escorted out prior to loading the Marin Airport Buses. Students should keep their daypacks with them.

How will students and teachers travel?

All students will travel by Marin Airporter. Between two and four chaperones will be on each bus. The Principal and Assistant Principal will also be on this trip and will have their own vehicles. The Marin Airporter charter buses and the drivers are SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certified. Buses are also certified by the California Highway Patrol. There are bathrooms on each bus. Buses remain in Coloma while the students are there to transport as needed.

What should my child carry in his/her daypack on the day of departure?

All students should have a daypack to bring on the bus to carry their healthy lunch, snack, water bottle, journals, pens/pencils, hats, sunblock and a book for the ride.

What should my child bring to wear?

Please see “Packing List.”

How will I know that my child has arrived at Gold Country?

The school will notify all fourth grade families through the district communication system (Aeries) that the students have arrived safely in Coloma.

Throughout the trip, teachers will be posting pictures of our daily activities on our Gold Country Instagram account. If you’d like to follow us, the username is BacichGold. You do not need an instagram account to check out our profile and note that we will not be posting pictures that reveal your child’s identity.

How will I know when to pick my child up on Wednesday, April 24?

The Gold Country Staff will notify the Bacich Office when the buses leave Earth Trek camp on Wednesday morning. The School Office will use the district communication system (Aeries) to provide parents with an estimated time of arrival for students to be back at Bacich. Arrival time will be approximately 11:00 a.m.

What if there is an emergency and parents need to contact their children?

Parents should call the Bacich attendance line at (415) 925-2222 and leave a message. The school office will notify the administrator on the Gold Country trip, if there is an emergency situation.

How many adults will go on the trip?

This year 15+ adults will go on the Gold Country Trip. This includes all Fourth Grade teachers, other Bacich teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and a medical professional. Parents do not attend this trip.

Where do you stay?

We stay at EarthTrek, which is a rafting company and tent lodge during the rafting season. We have stayed in this location for over ten years. The Bacich Gold Country Team has worked very closely with the owner, and he is wonderful about accommodating our school. We will be the only school in the camp for this trip. The EarthTrek staff loves our students and teachers and looks forward to our visit every year!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Tent Groups are carefully organized by the fourth grade teachers. Students of all classes are mixed and teachers try very hard to place all children with students they requested. The canvas tents house 6 – 10 students each. Boys and girls are placed in different tents. Chaperones do not sleep in the tents with the students. Chaperones’ tents are located within 10 – 20 feet of the students’ tents. Teachers on night-duty have lights on their tents for students who need help. Children know where to find us if they need anything.

What are Day Groups?

Student Day Groups are comprised of boys and girls from different homerooms. These groups are made up of eight-to–ten students and are different from the Tent Groups. Each day group has an adult chaperone.

What do the students eat?

There are three delicious and hearty meals served each day. The Bacich staff serves the students, and second helpings are available. Water, lemonade, orange juice and hot cocoa are the beverages available.

What activities are the students engaged in over the three-day trip?

Our first stop is in Sacramento where students will visit the California State Capitol and Sutter’s Fort. We will eat lunch on the lawn outside Sutter’s Fort. Then we will head to Earth Trek Expedition in Coloma. On Tuesday, we visit the historic site in Coloma where gold was discovered. Activities during our time at Earthtrek will include journaling, leatherwork, beadwork, tin smithing, gold panning, singing and storytelling.

Who is responsible for the students?

The ratio of adults to children is 1 to 8. All adults are responsible for every child.

What if I have more questions?

There is a parent informational meeting scheduled for March 25 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the school library. Additionally, you may contact your child’s teacher.