Bacich Information Channels

Ways To Access Information About Bacich Elementary School

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Bacich's Web Site

  • Find out about all things Bacich and the Kentfield School District, access teacher/class websites, discover local resources, and read archived district newsletters.

School Calendar

  • All events for both the schools as well as the District. Please be aware that the information shown on the calendar may change because of last minute conflicts. Therefore, it would be best to check the calendar prior to an event, so you know you have the most current information.

District Newsletter

Weekly, on Thursday evening, the Kentfield School District sends an email newsletter using the parent emails stored in the Aeries Student Information System.

The newsletter has important announcements, a calendar of events for the upcoming week, a letters from Bacich administrators. The newsletter also provides information from Safe Routes to School, KSPTA, kik, and local organizations. In an effort to reduce the amount of emails our families receive, the newsletter is our main communication channel.

If you are not automatically receiving a weekly email with the link to the most current newsletter please send an email to

Specific Grade Levels or All Bacich Families Emails

When necessary the Bacich school office, the Kentfield district office, the PTA, or PTA Parent Education will send out e-mail blasts to parents to alert them to specific situations or events.

If You Are Not Receiving School Emails

Periodically we receive notification from parents that they are not receiving emails from the school or that they no longer are receiving email from the school. We suggest checking the following if either occurs.

  • Check your email address is correct in the Aeries Parent Portal.
  • Check your email system's "spam" or "junk mail" folder to verify that the school's emails are not being sent there.
  • If you had been receiving email from the school and no longer are, your spam filter might have just recently decided that school mail is spam. Please check your spam folder regularly. Often times, important emails get filtered to these folders.
  • If you are using a government or business email address and are not receiving school email, contact the person at your office who administers your email system and verify with them that the business' email filter has not been blocking school mail, or sending school email to an organization-wide spam folder before it even gets to you.

Voice Alert System

  • The District uses a Voice Alert System to send voice alerts to the phone numbers listed in each families' Aeries Parent Portal information area. In most cases, an e-mail is sent at the same time as a back up to make sure the information has been received.

Emergency Text Messaging

  • The District sends text messages for an emergency alert system. Text messages are sent only during emergency school closures, an emergency need for pickups, emergency situations,, and other similar types of events. Every participant has the ability to opt out of this program by XXXXX to any message that is sent by the school. Please note that the district is unable to receive text messages. All text messages will inform you of how and whom to contact relating to that particular emergency.

Ways To Access Information About Your Child's Progress

Aeries Parent Portal

  • Aeries is our new Student Information System this year, replacing PowerSchool. The Parent Portal will allow you to check your student's grades and attendance, as well as view and update your family's information. This is where your Emergency Information, your E-Mail address and other family information is stored when you originally signed up for school. If any of this type of information changes this is where you would enter the changes.
  • The information stored here is how we contact you for all types of reasons. Emergency, E-Mail blasts, Phone Contact etc. It is very important to make sure your e-mail address and emergency information is kept up to date.
  • If you have any difficulty signing in or using Aeries, please send an email to