Bacich Communication Protocol

*Consult the School Directory for teacher voice mail extensions and Kentfield Schools Foundation printed directory for parents phone numbers.

School Contacts

Principal: Mary Ann Spitzer
Assistant Principal: Wendy Holmes

School Counselor:

  • Maia Yamasaki, 1-415-925-2220 x 255


  • Lynn Bartha, 1-415-925-2220
  • Jan Canon, 1-415-925-2220

Librarian: Susan Warnick, 1-415-925-2220 x262

Grade Level Coordinators:

  • TK/Kinder —Erica Johnson and Heather Snyder
  • 1st — Lisa CJ and Janeen Swan
  • 2nd — Cass Walsh and Marty Ross
  • 3rd —Katy Colwell and Jenna Maioriello
  • 4th – Abbey Davis and Maria Martin

Staff Voice Mail: 1-415-925-2220 and follow prompts

Staff E-Mail: First initial + last name + (ex: Wendy Holmes = You can also view the Staff Directory.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Throughout the year, Bacich Elementary Schools offers parents several opportunities to conference with their child's teacher. Regularly scheduled conferences are scheduled online and parents will receive notice of the scheduling through Friday Folders, the District Newsletter and our website. If an additional conference is needed, a parent can set up a parent / teacher conference with all or some of their child's teachers by contacting the student's teacher or school's counselor (if more than the main grade teacher should be involved). Find out more about conferencing opportunities here.