Bacich Report Cards

Second trimester report cards were released on Friday, March 22, at 5pm.

During the past few weeks, teachers have spent time assessing their students and analyzing the student’s academic information to accurately identify and document how each child is progressing at this point in the school year. Teachers have completed their first trimester report cards, and they will be available in Aeries next week.

Bacich report cards are based on the Common Core Standards. These standards guide specific classroom learning at each grade level. It is our goal that each child meet the Common Core Standards by the end of each school year,. However, we know that not all children follow the same path or the same time frame in their achievement or their progress at school.

To access student report cards, log in to the Aeries Parent Portal and click on Grades, then Report Card History. For Spanish speaking families, report cards are available in both English and Spanish if Spanish was selected as the language of choice - if you'd like to receive your student's report card in Spanish but don't see that option, please contact

We hope that our families will first celebrate and acknowledge the success and accomplishments of their children when reading the report cards. We encourage you to make this the main focus of the conversation when discussing your child’s progress and efforts. We know that elementary age children tend to see themselves through the eyes of the people who love and teach them. Being positive and encouraging is important. If there are areas of growth, talk with your child about setting personal goals and working to accomplish them in the months ahead.

School is a place where we celebrate our students’ success and support them as they master their challenges. We also know that they flourish best when the adults in their lives provide positive guidance and work as a team with the school . We thank you for your partnership, and we thank you for sharing your children with us.