Bacich Green Team

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The Bacich Green Team is made up of volunteers from 3rd and 4th grade. Our mission is to educate the Bacich community to be more responsible about the earth's resources and encourage all to live more sustainably. Each member has pledged their commitment to the goals of the program and attend monthly meetings to address current issues and events. Green Team members demonstrate the Pillars of Character in all their behaviors, by exhibiting responsibility, honesty, fairness, citizenship, caring and respect.

Composting Program

We have been working with Marin Sanitary Services to improve our composting at Bacich. Green Team members serve as Compost Monitors during lunch time to help students follow the guidelines for composting. Their service to the school in this capacity is truly inspired and demonstrates the Green Team commitment to proper composting!!

No Waste Lunch

Bacich has been implementing the No Waste Lunch Program for several years now. Thanks to the dedication and participation of the Bacich parent-body, we have reduced the amount of garbage we produce, and thus the amount of landfill space we use. This is a great help to reducing green house gases which contribute to global warming. Green Team members help to educate the students and their families about this program.

Walk and Roll to School Wednesday's
The Green Team is in charge of the Walk and Roll to School Wednesday program that encourages all Bacich students to walk, bike, scooter or car pool to school in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Green Team members take turns scanning students who have signed up for the program (see Safe Routes to School for details on how to sign up).

Earth Day
Green Team is responsible for helping to run all the events at the Bacich Earth Day Celebration that happens in April. Team members work at various activities and craft stations, helping Bacich students learn more about ways in which we can live more sustainably on our earth.